February 2008

Webmaster Tools Content Analysis Feature

For those who haven’t noticed or did notice but didn’t use the new features that came out last December here’s a quick overview on the Content Analysis feature. As the name suggests the new feature is very useful at analysing …

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Underscores Versus Dashes in URLs

The debate on whether to use underscores or dashes in URLs has been a pretty old one. Google finally cleared up the difference on their interpretation between the two. Their answer is simple: Dashes are considered are separators while underscores …

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Losing Money on Ad Campaigns and Sub-optimal Pages

Sometimes even after redesigning and optimising ones pages and they look pretty good statistics will show you that you still need to do some tweaking and that it isn’t really as optimised as you want it to be. This wouldn’t …

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SEO for the Yahoo!-MSN Search Hybrid

If (or when) MSN acquires Yahoo! it will surely affect the search scene. But by how much? We don’t really know, especially since even with their combined market share of 32.7 percent they still lag behind the Google’s market share …

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