March 2008

More (Useful) Content for More Links

We all know that one of the main reasons why websites add blogs to their site is to be able to provide fresh content and thus hopefully get more traffic and links. If you do not have the time to …

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Ask Going on a Different Track

Last week saw the search industry lose one of its big (though not that big) players – It has been more than a week since rumours regarding the end of their use of Teoma came out but according to …

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Cool Plug-ins from Joost’s Mailing List

I haven’t really had time to go over my mail these days and my inbox has A LOT of unread mail (not to mention the unread categorised mail that goes directly under their labels). As you know I subscribed to …

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Yahoo! Open Search Implications

Yahoo announced their open approach to search last February with much enthusiasm. The new open search platform will “all Web site owners — big or small — an opportunity to present more useful information on the Yahoo! Search page…[by] providing …

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Link Exchange Guidelines

I have already stated my position on buying/selling links but realised that I didn’t mention anything about exchanging links. In my opinion exchanging links with another website is a sound strategy but only if you follow the guidelines listed below.…

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How Your Layout Affects Your SEO

William Slawski wrote a very good entry on the importance of page layout in SEO. To emphasise his point he pointed out to the patent application filed by Kesari and Anandsudhakar in August of 2006 and that was recently …

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