May 2008

Link Building – Why It’s Gotten Harder

In a previous post of mine I stated that “organic link building is making more and more sense“. A statement I definitely believe but a statement with lots of things going on behind it. Nowadays if you look …

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Feed Optimisation Tips

There are plenty of things you can do and should do to optimise your feeds aside from just clicking on a couple of Feedburner “activate” buttons. Some of the things you can do are actually the same things you do …

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Feed Optimisation and Analysis via Feedburner

Everyone talks about optimising a webpage but for those that have blogs it is important that the blog feeds also be optimised. Remember that RSS feeds are not just blog subscribers but can also be a venue for the generation …

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Keywords in commentors names

Some people purely looking for link juice leave comments with key words and phrases in their names. One common theme of people using this tactic is the poor quality of comment that more often than not adds little or nothing …

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Rev Up Your Video Blog Revenue with Revver

Here’s an interesting WordPress plugin for those who want a way to monetise their video blogs (or even the usual blogs as long as you like to embed videos). We all love YouTube but Google’s still trying to find the …

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Optimising Landing Pages with MarketingSherpa

Early last month Gary gave a review on MarketingSherpa’s Landing Page Handbook. For those that didn’t go ahead and buy a copy since you weren’t convinced of the usefulness I would suggest that you visit their website because you’ll find …

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