October 2008

Benefitting from Email Marketing

To be honest whenever I hear the term email marketing one of the first things that enter my mind is the word “SPAM”. Perhaps, for this very reason, legit businesses are shying away from email marketing. However email marketing is …

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Courting Bloggers

Due to the proliferation of blogs with spam content and blogs that are created to simply bloat the number of links pointing to a site, it is no wonder that people have perceived links coming from blogs to be of …

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Spam Site: Guide for the Falsely Accused

A problem that we have touched on several times is the issue of being perceived by search engines as spammy. The good news though is that according to the top three search engines (Yahoo, MSN, and Google) the chance of …

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Google PRoblems

Seen changes, whether good or bad, in your Google page rank lately? You shouldn’t be surprised since Google since according to Matt Cutts there was a PR update that took place end of last month. If your site was …

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Images and Page Rank

Though we do not use images here at Phoenixrealm if you have a website or blog that does use images you should take into consideration the impact that they might have on your page rank. According to Microsoft’s patent application …

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The Possible Problem with the Search Box

The great thing about internet users is that browsing/surfing behaviors evolve rapidly as they learn to do things the more efficient way. One of the things that users now depend heavily on is the search box. Search is no longer …

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