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Gary Cottam is the founder and CEO of Peterborough-based company Doublespark, where he is able to apply his skills and expertise in the realm of Graphic Design, Web Design and SEO. His passion for these areas has also led him to become chief editor of the Phoenixrealm SEO blog, keeping readers informed of the very latest developments.

Gary lives in Cambridge with his wife, Lucy.

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WordPress – Disable registration emails

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Whilst it great to have lot’s of new users sign up on a daily basis, I have been getting irritated by up to 50 emails a day telling me that a new user has registered.

Having spent some time looking …

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Going Beyond SEO to CRO

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A good SEO knows that search engine optimisation is just a means to an end. Once you lose sight of that, it is very likely that you will someday end up lost in strategies and methods that are out dated …

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Want to increase site traffic- Write keyword rich articles

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Want to attract huge targeted traffic to the website, improve search engine ranking or build credibility online, start writing keyword rich articles catering to your business. Writing keyword rich articles and distributing them online is one of the successful …

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If you build it right, they will come

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What is the point of decorating your home, fitting it with a new kitchen and adding a loft conversion if the foundations are poor? In other words, there is no point in spending all your energy writing search engine …

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SEO Tools – Identifying achievable, authoritative on topic links


The most time consuming task any SEO or SEO Agency will undertake is the process of link building. Building links soaks up so much time that having a tool that can identify achievable, authoritative on topic links is invaluable. …

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SEO with Users’ Help

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As search engine algorithms improve, and as competition increases, the pressure on SEOs to think of newer and better strategies to generate traffic to a site increases. While “more traditional” search optimisation methods such as link building through article …

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