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Gary Cottam is the founder and CEO of Peterborough-based company Doublespark, where he is able to apply his skills and expertise in the realm of Graphic Design, Web Design and SEO. His passion for these areas has also led him to become chief editor of the Phoenixrealm SEO blog, keeping readers informed of the very latest developments.

Gary lives in Cambridge with his wife, Lucy.

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HTML 5 Working Draft Now Out for Public Review

The long wait is finally over. After 10 years of working hard on HTML 5 the W3C group has at last published the working draft online. According to W3C, “The publication of the First Public Working Draft is a signal …

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WordPress and the “Read More” Problem

Chris of Rillz Magazine wrote an interesting post on a WordPress quirk that isn’t doing anything for your SEO. The ever helpful WordPress uses the phrase “Read more” or “Continue reading” automatically at the end of post excerpts. This …

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SEO Over Coffee

What I have noticed about SEO bloggers and speakers (which are usually the same bunch of people, although only the best of the SEO bloggers are invited as speakers) is that while their posts and talks are really informative and …

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Web Design Industry in Decline?

For at least the last five years the UK web design industry has been buoyant, but are there signs of an imminent decline, or has it already started?

I have an involvement it two small independent web design agencies, so …

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More than Just Optimisation

One of the most difficult aspect of being an SEO is relating to clients. Optimising a website and getting visible results is doable only if……

The website has good content or at least the potential have good content; and

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Striving to Stay Relevant in the World of SEO

I’ve been stressing out the past few days racking my brains for my perfect first entry here on PhoenixRealm. I was thinking of posting some philosophical piece about SEO, or a short but very informative piece on the basics of …

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