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Gary Cottam is the founder and CEO of Peterborough-based company Doublespark, where he is able to apply his skills and expertise in the realm of Graphic Design, Web Design and SEO. His passion for these areas has also led him to become chief editor of the Phoenixrealm SEO blog, keeping readers informed of the very latest developments.

Gary lives in Cambridge with his wife, Lucy.

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Does Page Length Matter?

Does it matter how long or short your web pages and blog posts are vis-à-vis your search engine rankings? Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t: it depends on your competition. I have seen blank web pages — with …

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SEO Seminar

Wearing my Doublespark SEO hat, I recently gave a joint SEO presentation to the Chartered Institute of Marketing, along with partner companies Titman Firth and Peterborough Copyrighting Bureau.

The seminar centered around how small to medium sized businesses …

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How To Find The Right SEO Company

The first part: Why It Is Important To Choose The Right SEO Company

The search for the right SEO company begins with what you want to look for. Do you want a company that follows black hat SEO tactics and …

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Why It Is Important To Choose The Right SEO Company And How To Find One

Your search engine optimisation efforts are as crucial as having a website because your website doesn’t solve any purpose if it doesn’t get targeted traffic from various search engines. Hence, it becomes imperative that you choose the right SEO company …

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How To Tackle The Duplicate Content Problem

Google and other search engines can penalise you for having duplicate content on your website. This may be intentional or unintentional on your part. If it is intentional then either you have your reasons or you can get rid of …

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YourAmigo – Advantages / Disadvantages ??

I have a potential client that is currently using the YourAmigo search engine optimization spider linker. Until now this has been completely off my radar.

I am hoping that someone will have experience of this technology/service and be able to …

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