Benefitting from Email Marketing

by Gary on October 28, 2008 · 13 comments

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To be honest whenever I hear the term email marketing one of the first things that enter my mind is the word “SPAM”. Perhaps, for this very reason, legit businesses are shying away from email marketing. However email marketing is actually different from spamming and not using it as part of your marketing campaign could prove to be a mistake because it does bring results and is one of the cheapest marketing strategies available.

So how can one benefit from email marketing?

  1. Determine your target audience. Though sending mass emails indiscriminately can get some people’s attention we all know that this is spamming, and that is a big NO. The most effective people to email would be existing customers/subscribers. Referred leads are also good targets of email marketing. Remember though that whether you email existing customers or potential clients you should ALWAYS put an easy way for people to unsubscribe from the mailing list.
  2. Make sure the email gets noticed. You do this by thinking of an effective subject line. It is best to always put the company/website name of the subject line to let the recipient know who the email is from at a glance. Put the most important info on the subject line but make sure you keep it short. DO NOT use subjects such as “Phoenixrealm SEO Email #21” because not only does it look boring but it also doesn’t give any indication as to the content of the email.
  3. Make sure that the emails have content that are of value to the subscribers. If you keep on sending plain ads chances are even your loyal subscribers will start to just delete your emails. Stuff you can include emails would be important announcements regarding new things on your website, exclusive promo codes, industry news, informative articles, and even birthday greetings.
  4. Organise the info. People don’t always read the entire email so make sure you place the most important information you want conveyed at the start of the email. If you’re sending an image make sure you still put at least a short text content before the image to get the attention of people whose email service automatically block images from being viewed so that they will want to manually see the image at least.
  5. Have a call to action. Remember this is email MARKETING. Your end goal is to get conversions. To do this your email should contain phrases that will get people to do what you want which, in this case, is to click on a link. Be creative with the anchor text of the link to encourage people to click on it.

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