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This week: Featuring two eminent SEO bloggers and one that will help you earn an income

This week I am going to post some mini-reviews on 3 blogs that I have been spending some time on recently.

The first two that are regular reads of mine are full of SEO tips and advice:

Joost de Valk’s

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Scraping – How can I stop scrapers?

Joost de Valk noticed, and kindly let me know, that another blog site ( is scraping all of Phoenixrealms content.


From the 10’s of thousands of posts they have accumulated in just 3 months, no doubt they are …

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Why People Unsubscribe From Your Blog

There could be countless reasons why people unsubscribe from you blog — that means remove your RSS link from their feed reader — but recently Darren on Problogger listed 34 reasons why readers unsubscribe from your blog. I’m not …

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Enhanced WordPress Contact Form

Joost de Valk has produced an adaption of Ryan Duffs WP contactform plugin, aptly named the enhanced WordPress contact form. It is a handy plugin for all WP bloggers wanting to know as much as possible about the person …

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Canadian New Media Awards 2007

Since 1999, the Canadian New Media Awards have recognized excellence in the digital interactive industry, celebrating cutting-edge work in the design, development or implementation of new media projects. 


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Most Bloggers Are Lazy?

Lorelle at BlogHerald ponders whether bloggers are lazy in general. She deduces this because she finds the same old topics being discussed, OK, not even discussed, but referenced by scores of blogs, without individual contributions.

I don’t think there …

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