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by Gary on March 17, 2009 · 6 comments

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We all agree that carewords are important and should be factored in when writing up a website’s content. What I haven’t mentioned though is how to come up with these carewords. The truth is that it is pretty much just like doing keyword research except that what you have to focus more on is not what your results on on search engines results pages will be for these words but if your users will be looking for these words once they reach your site.

For example a person who types in “diamond rings” will certainly be looking for certain carewords once they get to a site. The presence of the desired carewords will surely reel in the user. Carewords for this search term could be specific kind of diamond rings like “wedding diamond rings”, “black diamond rings”, “vintage diamond rings”, etc. Usually though people that are shopping online also have savings  in mind so a must-have careword will always have something about value or savings like “special offer”, “diamond ring sale”, etc. As you might have noticed the carewords does not need to have the search term, a fact that should be kept in mind if you want to be able to really figure out the most important carewords for your site.

To help you get started on the “carewords” track here are some tips on figuring out possible carewords for your site:

  • Take out your keyword list and use them in sentences. You’ll get a feel for which one will draw in customers.
  • Check out the competition. Look at your competitors site and zoom in on the words that draw your attention.
  • Look at your web stats. Find out the search terms that actually bring people to each page then figure out how long people stay and what makes them stay.
  • Perform usability tests. Test the performance of pages containing different carewords and see which ones people respond to the most.

If you wish to know more about carewords head to Gerry McGovern’s site.

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