This page contains a collection of general articles. These articles cover a lot of subjects which will help you improve the SEO of your site.

The SEO Standards Debate

Last month’s SMX West Search Insights track topic “Is it time for Search Marketing Standards?” sparked a debate not just on SEM standards but also SEO standards. On one side we have Jill Whalen of Search Engine Land telling us …

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Flesch, Formulas and Highfaluting Fluff

I was reading Randfish’s list of common features of spam domains. I was thinking about ticking each feature off and seeing how well we do but this one caught my eye:

“Rarely contains high grade level text content (as …

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Yahoo! Open Search Implications

Yahoo announced their open approach to search last February with much enthusiasm. The new open search platform will “all Web site owners — big or small — an opportunity to present more useful information on the Yahoo! Search page…[by] providing …

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How SEO and Marriage are Alike

Been cleaning up my email tonight and I noticed an influx of comments. One that particularly got my attention was Matan Media’s comment in response to my pose regarding web hosting. Needless to say (though I’ll say it anyway), as …

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Joining the Ranks of the Great Ones

However much we might emphasise the importance of SEO the truth is that people are right when they say that content is still king. Nowadays, with the advent of blogs, website content has become easier and easier to generate resulting …

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SEO Over Coffee

What I have noticed about SEO bloggers and speakers (which are usually the same bunch of people, although only the best of the SEO bloggers are invited as speakers) is that while their posts and talks are really informative and …

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