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Most Bloggers Are Lazy?

Lorelle at BlogHerald ponders whether bloggers are lazy in general. She deduces this because she finds the same old topics being discussed, OK, not even discussed, but referenced by scores of blogs, without individual contributions.

I don’t think there …

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Not all companys try and squeeze every cent out of you!!

In this day and age I find it increasingly common that companys will try and squeeze every cent they can out of you. I think this is even more true when it comes to after sales support, either companys are …

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Joost de Valk – Subscribe to comments plugin request

Joost de Valk kindly suggested I implement a subscribe to comments plugin. This has now been completed. Luckily I found an excellent WordPress comment plugin it took less than 5 minutes to install and worked out of the box. I …

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