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by Gary on March 5, 2008 · 8 comments

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I have already stated my position on buying/selling links but realised that I didn’t mention anything about exchanging links. In my opinion exchanging links with another website is a sound strategy but only if you follow the guidelines listed below.

  • Do not deal in excessive link exchanges – Google looks at this as another link scheme and though I believe that it isn’t as dangerous as getting caught buying/selling links if Google says it can negatively impact your site’s ranking then it can.
  • Exchange links only with sites that have the same topic/theme as yours – We know that relevance is important in SEO. Exchanging links with anyone just to get inbound links is a waste of time and will actually make it easier for search engines to deduce that you are merely exchanging links for the link juice. Exchanging links with similar websites (unless done in excess) will not be seen as a link scheme since it does help determine that others in your field see your site as worthy to link to. Aside from this it also provides useful links to your users.
  • Ask for the link to be placed in a good position – If you read yesterday’s post you will understand why placement is important. If you are exchanging links with other blogs ask to be mentioned in a blog post instead of on the sidebar. Of course, you will need to extend the same courtesy since it is a link exchange. If in a website ask not to be placed in the footer and that you post the link at the same page level/depth (homepage, special resource page, 1 or 2 levels deep?).
  • Use keywords in the anchor text – We all know that using keywords in the anchor text is important. When exchanging links give a short list of keywords/phrases you would like the other website to use as anchor text.

In case I missed some link exchange tips do tell me about it!

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