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Short Takes

Been doing my usual round of reading and thought that I would share a couple of blog posts that caught my eye.

11 Tips for Appearing at Google Definitions by Esteban Panzera – The post outlines how you can define…
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Yahoo! Rejects Microsoft Offer

Yahoo’s decision is out. According to Yahoo! “After careful evaluation, the Board believes that Microsoft’s proposal substantially undervalues Yahoo! including our global brand, large worldwide audience, significant recent investments in advertising platforms and future growth prospects, free cash flow and …

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SEO for the Yahoo!-MSN Search Hybrid

If (or when) MSN acquires Yahoo! it will surely affect the search scene. But by how much? We don’t really know, especially since even with their combined market share of 32.7 percent they still lag behind the Google’s market share …

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How’s Your Site Doing in Yahoo?

Last week Yahoo! announced that they have been making changes on their indexing and ranking algorithms warning everyone to keep a close eye on the effects on their own site’s rankings. It’s been more than a week and I wonder …

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15 reasons Facebook may be worth $15bn

The BBC today reports on “15 reasons Facebook may be worth $15bn“.

It is not often that I write about general news items, but that seems like a heck of a lot of money, albeit dollars.

I started …

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Man arrested for stealing broadband

A man who was spotted in the street using his laptop to access an unsecured wireless connection has been arrested.

The 39-year-old man was seen sitting on a wall outside a home in Chiswick, west London, by two community support …

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