The Real Worth of “Low-Budget SEO Providers”

Going for a really cheap SEO provider? Think again.

I understand that the economy is really bad right now and everyone’s trying to cut corners but when it comes to SEO going cheap is NOT a good idea. That doesn’t …

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SEO Conferences: The Downside

SEO conferences can be a good venue for learning more SEO techniques and the industry as a whole. However, the truth is that you will likely not learn as much from these conferences than if you simply sit down and …

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Matt Cutts Explains Canonical Tags on Video

Matt explains what the new Canonical tag is for and why it was created.…

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Accessibility in China

One of the major issues tackled by SEO is accessibility. We want to make sure that a website  that’s being optimised is accessible not just by search engine spiders but also by users regardless of their connection speed, browser used, …

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The Importance of Relevance

On my last post i gave some tips on how to increase search engines’ perception of your web pages as being relevant to your targeted keywords and phrases. Before I continue let me thank Marc for pointing out two important …

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Rehashing Relevance

One of the key things in search engine optimisation is relevance. Before I discuss relevance though let me give you the dictionary definition of the word it was derived from, relevant.

relevant (adj): closely connected or appropriate to the matter …

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