Advantages Of Using Tableless Layouts

Are you still using tables to create your layouts?

Well if you are there is nothing earth shattering about it, it’s just that by creating DIV-based, tableless layouts you not only create a web site with less source code, you …

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The power of Stumbleupon

Late last week I noticed an increase in website traffic, instead of averaging 600 for a couple of days unique visitors were hitting high 800′s.

Curious as to what had caused this jump, I investigated further. was passing me …

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Google Penalty ?

On Sunday this week I noticed that Phoenixrealm had reduced from PR6 to PR5, strange as I was not aware of  a general Google PR update.

Lots of posts have been written on this subject this week here is a …

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10 SEO do’s and 10 SEO don’ts Article

I have published a fairly extensive 20 tip article with 10 SEO do’s and 10 SEO don’ts. It is intended as a handout for local marketing seminars and or as a general information article to send to new SEO …

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Why SEO Is Better Than Paid Search Engine Marketing

Although there are thousands of ways you can promote your business online, two well-known methods are search engine optimisation and paid advertising. Paid advertising can be done in the form of PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns like Google Ads or paying other …

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Using Your Blog For SEO

Blogs are a rage these days not just because they help you publish and share your thoughts and then obtain instant reactions from your readers, they are a great SEO tool too.

Blogs are favorite among search engines because one, …

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