This week: Featuring two eminent SEO bloggers and one that will help you earn an income

This week I am going to post some mini-reviews on 3 blogs that I have been spending some time on recently.

The first two that are regular reads of mine are full of SEO tips and advice:

Joost de Valk’s

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SEO – What Should Your URL Have? Dashes, Underscores, or None?

Ideally, none, but sometimes you have to separate words for greater clarity. Since you cannot have spaces, it’s better to have dashes. There are many content management solutions and online publishing platforms that use underscores to separate words in long …

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How To Build Your Credibility Through Your Website?

The Internet today gives you an unprecedented reach. Through your bedroom, sitting in your boxers you can sell all sorts of tangible and intangible goods, and services, to people across the globe.

Unfortunately, the same Internet bestows the same power …

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Google Local Search

The local search feature of Google uses Google Maps to display the links and other details of local businesses. Previously the feature used to appear as a clickable link but recently Google made it an integral part of search results. …

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Firefox overtaking IE as the preferred browser!!

For the 1st time Firefox looks as though it is just about overtake IE as the preferred browser for Phoenix readers.

The useage of FF has doubled in just less than 6 months.

I accept that Phoenix readers are more …

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Effective SEO Keyword Research Analysis

Every SEO campaign begins with well-thought-out keyword research analysis. Focus on wrong keywords and it may take several months to get back on track, leave alone the Herculean task of re-optimising hundreds of wrongly-optimised pages. So how do you zero-in …

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