Social Media Marketing and SEO

With the advent of websites like Digg, and even StumbleUpon, social media marketing has become a ineluctable aspect of valid search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. Apart from these link-sharing services, websites like LinkedIn, Friendster and MySpace

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Canadian New Media Awards 2007

Since 1999, the Canadian New Media Awards have recognized excellence in the digital interactive industry, celebrating cutting-edge work in the design, development or implementation of new media projects. 


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Most Bloggers Are Lazy?

Lorelle at BlogHerald ponders whether bloggers are lazy in general. She deduces this because she finds the same old topics being discussed, OK, not even discussed, but referenced by scores of blogs, without individual contributions.

I don’t think there …

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Is Keyword Density Relevant?

Some SEO experts believe in keyword density and some don’t. I’m talking about keyword density in terms of writing SEO content for your web pages. Does it matter how many times you repeat the keywords and key expressions in your …

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SEO By Blogging

Blogging is not merely used to describe your sleeping patterns or to chronicle the potty habits of your pooch. As more and more individuals and corporations use blogging to reach out to niche markets, it has become a prominent ingredient …

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Creating Content For Linkbaiting

Some people like linkbaiting and some don’t, but one way or the other, it figures everywhere and there are companies that specially provide you linkbaiting services.The rumor is, sometimes even a single linkbaiting campaign costs $5000 to $10000. Got your …

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