Practical Web Design

Bad news for all Practical Web Design magazine subscribers. I received a letter this morning from the publishers of PWD stating that they have produced their last issue. In January I will receive a free copy of the .NET magazine …

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Internal linking strategy

Internal linking

Many sites I come across use a ball internal linking structure which leads to each page getting an even share of internal PR:

When conducting SEO for sites that have multiple main areas of business, I try and …

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Joost de Valk – Subscribe to comments plugin request

Joost de Valk kindly suggested I implement a subscribe to comments plugin. This has now been completed. Luckily I found an excellent WordPress comment plugin it took less than 5 minutes to install and worked out of the box. I …

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Sitemap Standardisation

This week Google, MSN and Yahoo agreed on a sitemap standard. Updating sitemaps may not be such a pain in the future. Google and Yahoo have already implemented the standard, with Microsoft following by 2007.

That reminds me, I …

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Google Page Rank

I noticed today that the www & non-www versions of phoenixrealm had different Google page ranks – 6.5 & 6.4

My understanding is that Google classifies these as separate domains, and that you can get a page rank boost by …

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Hacked By 0×1999 – Indonesian Code Party – Jatim4u

Hacked By 0×1999 – Indonesian Code Party – Jatim4u…

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