How To Prepare Your Website For Directory Submissions

by Gary on September 17, 2007 · 4 comments

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Directory submissions are important for your search engine rankings as I’ve already discussed this in Importance of submitting to Web Directories. Since almost all online directories are human-edited (humans decide whether your link should be there or not) your primary tasks is to convince that unknown editor that your website deserves to be included. How do you achieve that? Here are a few things you can take care of before submitting your link to online directories:

Your website should load fast

The editor may have to evaluate/approve/disapprove scores of websites in a few hours and if your website takes ages to load then forget about being included: he or she is going to leave your website within a few seconds. So make sure your website loads fast when you submit it and it doesn’t carry heavy JavaScript and images.

Your navigation should be clearly defined

Make it extremely easy for the editor to navigate through your website and all the important pages should be easily accessible. Cryptic, fancy navigation will only end up confusing the editor and he or she won’t be able to evaluate your website thoroughly.

Make important information available up front

It should be immediately clear what your website stands for — don’t make your editor read lots of stuff before he or she can figure out what exactly you want to convey through your website. Don’t waste too much space showing meaningless animations and jargon-ridden slogans. Come to the point straightaway. It’ll also help your customers and clients.

Submit under the right category

When you submit to online directories they organise the URLs under various categories. Don’t leave it on the editor under what category your link appears. Navigate through their category structure and submit your link only when you have reached the exact category you link should appear under.

Follow these steps and it will be highly unlikely that your link will be rejected.

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