On Page SEO

Carewords and Keywords

Keywords and key phrases. Stuff that makes the SEO world go round.

What keywords usually refer to in SEO terms are the search terms users enter and websites need to rank for in order for the site link to appear …

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Rehashing Relevance

One of the key things in search engine optimisation is relevance. Before I discuss relevance though let me give you the dictionary definition of the word it was derived from, relevant.

relevant (adj): closely connected or appropriate to the matter …

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Image Rank Factors

While most are conscious about ranking well in SERPs many overlook the need to optimise for image search. Image search should NOT be overlooked since it can bring in considerable amount of traffic. As an example, in my personal blog …

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Does Page Length Matter?

Does it matter how long or short your web pages and blog posts are vis-à-vis your search engine rankings? Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t: it depends on your competition. I have seen blank web pages — with …

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Does You Web Page Length Matter?

Web page length is different from web page size because you can have huge page without having much on it. For instance, lengthy JavaScript and heavy images can increase the size of your web page significantly without contributing to the …

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The importance of anchor text

The anchor text is the text that appears within the linking tag, that is, in <a href=”http://www.phoenixrealm.com”>SEO and Web Design Blog</a>, “SEO and Web Design” is the anchor text of the link. The anchor text is very important because it …

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