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Bing Ignoring Instructions Not to Index Pages

Bing has been having problems with its indexing. Just recently Brett Yount, Program Manager of Bing Webmaster Center has responded to some complaints of incidences where MSNbot disregarded specific instructions not to index certain pages.

According to mckenzie MSNbot did

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Microsoft-Yahoo Tie Search Tie Up

Earlier this year there was a lot of talk about a possible Microsoft acquisition of Yahoo. As we very well know the deal did not push through. This time we can be sure that Microsoft is a lot happier having …

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The Power of the Hash # in SEO

Early this month I promised a post detailing the uses of the # in SEO. Here it is.

As I have mentioned before the hash is often overlooked, if at all used, by SEOs. A very unfortunate thing because it …

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Google Apps Out of Beta to Pave the Way for Wave?

Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Docs all went out of beta last week. The funny thing is that I didn’t notice it till my husband pointed it out to me this weekend, which is more proof that Alex Chitu was …

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SEO and Web Design: The Perfect Marriage

I just finished reading Justin Brigg’s post “9 SEO Tips”. The post may have a boring title but his tips are pretty sound. I especially liked tip number 5, which tells about the power of the hash #, something …

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404 Pages: Tips for SEO and User-Friendliness

Let’s face it 404 pages are a pain, for webmasters and for users. I absolutely hate clicking on a link and getting a 404 error page. However, what’s really our concern here is what it does for your SEO. What …

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