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Google Likes Brands Because of Quality

Matt Cutts has confirmed that recent changes in Google’s algorithm that has lead to a surge in bigger brands appearing among the top results of Goole’s SERPs. According to Matt Cutts though the changes did not result from Google’s bias …

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Carewords and Keywords

Keywords and key phrases. Stuff that makes the SEO world go round.

What keywords usually refer to in SEO terms are the search terms users enter and websites need to rank for in order for the site link to appear …

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The Real Worth of “Low-Budget SEO Providers”

Going for a really cheap SEO provider? Think again.

I understand that the economy is really bad right now and everyone’s trying to cut corners but when it comes to SEO going cheap is NOT a good idea. That doesn’t …

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SEO Conferences: The Downside

SEO conferences can be a good venue for learning more SEO techniques and the industry as a whole. However, the truth is that you will likely not learn as much from these conferences than if you simply sit down and …

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Matt Cutts Explains Canonical Tags on Video

Matt explains what the new Canonical tag is for and why it was created.…

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Accessibility in China

One of the major issues tackled by SEO is accessibility. We want to make sure that a website  that’s being optimised is accessible not just by search engine spiders but also by users regardless of their connection speed, browser used, …

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