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The Importance of Relevance

On my last post i gave some tips on how to increase search engines’ perception of your web pages as being relevant to your targeted keywords and phrases. Before I continue let me thank Marc for pointing out two important …

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Rehashing Relevance

One of the key things in search engine optimisation is relevance. Before I discuss relevance though let me give you the dictionary definition of the word it was derived from, relevant.

relevant (adj): closely connected or appropriate to the matter …

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Email Marketing Tips: How Not to be Mistaken as Spam

The last post I wrote on email marketing emphasised the need to not only get your email noticed but also to get people to act on the information (read: get conversion rates up) they get from the email sent. What …

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The SEO Christmas Alphabet: C for Content

This topic has been discussed way too many times by way too many people yet it is a bit discouraging how many website owners still do not really care to give emphasis on the development of their website’s actual content. …

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We’re buying Christmas décor this weekend and this has obviously put me in the mood for an early Christmas post. I know it’s corny but instead of candy canes, happiness, and reindeers I’ve substituted keywords that are relevant to SEO …

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Benefitting from Email Marketing

To be honest whenever I hear the term email marketing one of the first things that enter my mind is the word “SPAM”. Perhaps, for this very reason, legit businesses are shying away from email marketing. However email marketing is …

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