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Country Specific Local SEO Tips

I have been busy lately and have not found the time to blog so much; something I intend to rectify. One of the thinks I have been busy with is optimising for local search. Here a a few basic tips:…

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Scrapers and the Duplicate Issue

We’ve all been warned again and again about the problems that duplicate can bring. However, the truth is that nowadays it is not really such a big deal anymore. This doesn’t mean that you should start plagiarising other people’s stuff …

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Are you too Googlecentric?

So… are you?

According to Urban Dictionary Googlecentric means having a view of the world centered around Google and Googling. In the example given it said that “My wife doesn’t belief that ____ exists because it wasn’t available on Google. …

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Social Media and Politics Mix Up

Though I do try to stay away from any political overtones in this blog I do believe that Dan’s post on Barack Obama Social Media Round-Up deserves being mentioned. Now I wouldn’t even comment on on my position, though I …

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Dealing with Negative Comments

In Dave Eave’s post on Building a Social Media Storm he outlined some ways of dealing with negative comments. According to him talking/reasoning with the negative commenters wouldn’t always work so that what you can do would be to:…


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Preparing for Improvements in Mobile Search Algorithms

Mobile devices are so popular nowadays that the traffic that mobile search brings can no longer be discounted. Because of this plenty of websites now offer mobile versions of their website. If you already have a mobile site though you …

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