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Search Engine Snippets

Yahoo’s at it again. Just a few days ago they announced that they’re implementing changes to their crawling, indexing and ranking algorithms so don’t be surprised if you see some changes in your Yahoo results rank. Hopefully the changes …

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Domain Name Disaster

Although the post is really old I just ran into it last last night and I really really felt the need to share it. Independent sources came up with a list of top ten worst company domain names ever and …

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Good News for Search Industry

The results of the online survey on SEO and Paid Search conducted by Neutralize (*\*) last February and March UK companies are increasingly outsourcing their SEO and paid search campaigns to agencies. Obviously this means more business for everyone in …

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Keep SEO Safe from Jason Gambert

It’s not yet too late to oppose Jason Gambert’s application to trademark the word “SEO”. It’s a pretty long story and if you haven’t read about this silliness that can have a huge effect on all of us you can …

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Link Love: Why I Love Giving It Away

Since we’ve been on the topic of gifts and freebies let’s talk about giving away links. One of the things we all love to get are inbound links but do you pass the link love?

Linking to other sites is …

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Rank Checker Review and a Short Lesson on URLs and Domains

Been trying out Aaron Wall’s new Firefox extension, Rank Checker, and it works really well. If you want to have no problems making it work though let me remind you of the difference between a URL and a domain.…

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