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Link Exchange Guidelines

I have already stated my position on buying/selling links but realised that I didn’t mention anything about exchanging links. In my opinion exchanging links with another website is a sound strategy but only if you follow the guidelines listed below.…

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How Your Layout Affects Your SEO

William Slawski wrote a very good entry on the importance of page layout in SEO. To emphasise his point he pointed out to the patent application filed by Kesari and Anandsudhakar in August of 2006 and that was recently …

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Joining the Ranks of the Great Ones

However much we might emphasise the importance of SEO the truth is that people are right when they say that content is still king. Nowadays, with the advent of blogs, website content has become easier and easier to generate resulting …

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Clean Web Hosting Foundation for Sound SEO

Some people make the mistake of equating SEO simply with tweaking a website’s code and contents in order to rank well with search engines. While this is where the bulk of the work goes to a good SEO knows that …

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Why Buying Links is NOT a Good SEO Practice

Link building is not as easy as some SEOs make it sound. The truth is that many SEOs that promise thousands of links in several days get these links by buying links. Buying links will get you a good amount …

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Hungry for Sitelinks

Boohoo. It seems that we do not have the sitelinks yet even though David Eaves recently noticed a huge update in Google sitelinks.

For those who do not know what sitelinks are, they are simply the links that appear (for …

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