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An Introduction To Prototype

Creating Ajax applications is all the rage these days but I wouldn’t recommend putting Ajax functionalities into your online applications unnecessarily because sometimes it can hamper the overall functionality of your online application or website. Nonetheless, Ajax can really enhance …

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The Value Of Quality Link Building In SEO

Quality link building involves getting inbound links to increase the overall SERP positions of not only your website’s homepage, but also your deeper URLs.

Simply exchanging links indiscriminately with other webmasters and bloggers, although this creates lots of noise, it …

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Choosing The Right Domain Name For SEO Benefits

Domain names are very important. Although it doesn’t really matter what sort of domain name you choose for your online presence sometimes even small things can make a big difference; for instance, having your keywords in your domain name. For …

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Writing Articles For SEO

Writing articles is one of the best ways of enhancing your website’s such engine optimisation. Having Lots of quality, targeted, and relevant content on your website is one of the quintessential components of your website SEO strategy because after all, …

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Increasing Site Traffic By Targeting Geographic Areas

A number of my clients provide services either nationally of locally. Often their most popular keyphrases are those that include a geographic identifier such as “Cambridge SEO Services“.

To enable targeting of each geographic area be it a …

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What is Google up to? PR Penalty

Just read that Darren Rowse’s ProBlogger blog and others have had their PR reduced even further.

A quick look and guess what Phoenirealm has dropped from PR5 to PR3, this is after a initial drop a few days ago.

What …

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