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Google Penalty ?

On Sunday this week I noticed that Phoenixrealm had reduced from PR6 to PR5, strange as I was not aware of  a general Google PR update.

Lots of posts have been written on this subject this week here is a …

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10 SEO do’s and 10 SEO don’ts Article

I have published a fairly extensive 20 tip article with 10 SEO do’s and 10 SEO don’ts. It is intended as a handout for local marketing seminars and or as a general information article to send to new SEO …

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Why SEO Is Better Than Paid Search Engine Marketing

Although there are thousands of ways you can promote your business online, two well-known methods are search engine optimisation and paid advertising. Paid advertising can be done in the form of PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns like Google Ads or paying other …

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Using Your Blog For SEO

Blogs are a rage these days not just because they help you publish and share your thoughts and then obtain instant reactions from your readers, they are a great SEO tool too.

Blogs are favorite among search engines because one, …

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Does Page Length Matter?

Does it matter how long or short your web pages and blog posts are vis-à-vis your search engine rankings? Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t: it depends on your competition. I have seen blank web pages — with …

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SEO Seminar

Wearing my Doublespark SEO hat, I recently gave a joint SEO presentation to the Chartered Institute of Marketing, along with partner companies Titman Firth and Peterborough Copyrighting Bureau.

The seminar centered around how small to medium sized businesses …

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