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How To Find The Right SEO Company

The first part: Why It Is Important To Choose The Right SEO Company

The search for the right SEO company begins with what you want to look for. Do you want a company that follows black hat SEO tactics and …

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Why It Is Important To Choose The Right SEO Company And How To Find One

Your search engine optimisation efforts are as crucial as having a website because your website doesn’t solve any purpose if it doesn’t get targeted traffic from various search engines. Hence, it becomes imperative that you choose the right SEO company …

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How To Tackle The Duplicate Content Problem

Google and other search engines can penalise you for having duplicate content on your website. This may be intentional or unintentional on your part. If it is intentional then either you have your reasons or you can get rid of …

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Does You Web Page Length Matter?

Web page length is different from web page size because you can have huge page without having much on it. For instance, lengthy JavaScript and heavy images can increase the size of your web page significantly without contributing to the …

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Rand on Keyword Research Data

It is not often that I link to other posts, but today I cannot seem to help myself.

Rand has written “An Exhaustive List of Search Engine Based Keyword Research Data“, and fairly exhaustive it is. I read …

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Natural SEO Is Always Better Than Paid Online Marketing

No, I’m not against paid online marketing and sometimes it is necessary to indulge in it to get quick, timely exposure to your online business. Paid online marketing means running Pay-Per-Click campaigns and paying other webmasters (sometimes directly, sometimes through …

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