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How To Prepare Your Website For Directory Submissions

Directory submissions are important for your search engine rankings as I’ve already discussed this in Importance of submitting to Web Directories. Since almost all online directories are human-edited (humans decide whether your link should be there or not) your …

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10 tips for effective reciprocal linking

Due to excessive exploitation of this tactic many webmasters, and even SEO consultants doubt the benefit of carrying out reciprocal linking campaigns. Reciprocal linking means exchanging links with slightly similar, complimenting websites for search engine optimisation. Search engines, especially Google, …

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The Importance of back links in SEO

The importance of back links in SEO (also referred to as inbound links) stems from the fact the Google uses them to evaluate or at least as an indicator as to the quality of your content. In fact they attach …

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Review: Dave Naylor’s UK SEO Blog

If you love good, attractive layouts, then you are going to love Dave Naylor’s UK SEO blog too. Dave is an SEO consultant who believes in getting ranked #1 with a mixture of both White Hat and Black Hat SEO …

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SEO – What Should Your URL Have? Dashes, Underscores, or None?

Ideally, none, but sometimes you have to separate words for greater clarity. Since you cannot have spaces, it’s better to have dashes. There are many content management solutions and online publishing platforms that use underscores to separate words in long …

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Effective SEO Keyword Research Analysis

Every SEO campaign begins with well-thought-out keyword research analysis. Focus on wrong keywords and it may take several months to get back on track, leave alone the Herculean task of re-optimising hundreds of wrongly-optimised pages. So how do you zero-in …

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