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How To Avoid Being Cheated By Your SEO Company

It’s very easy to be deceived by an SEO company especially if you are not acquainted with at least some ins and outs of search engines optimisation. It’s not big deal about getting on the first page of the search …

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Optimising Your Website For Image Search

Every major search engine lets you search for images and many times you must have noticed how you end up on a website while searching for an image. If your website has lots of images then your images too can …

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Increase Your Traffic By Focusing On Long Tail Keywords

Long Tail keywords aren’t actually your conventional keywords like “web designer” or “copywriter” or “pole dancer”, they are sometimes complete sentences. For instance, a lawyer looking for a web designer for his law firm may search for “web designer for …

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Quick Tips To Boost Your SEO – Revisited

A few weeks ago I wrote about a few quick tips to boost your SEO. Since this post has been quite a hit among my readers I’ve decided to write a sequel (don’t most hits have sequels these days?). …

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Advice on how not to get ripped off when buying SEO help

Are you planning to hire an SEO consultant to achieve higher search engine rankings for your website. This is a good step actually, because a professional person is in a much better position to get you rankings you need for …

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Exchanging Links for SEO

Many webmasters dispute the importance of link exchange programs in terms of search engine optimisation. Logically too, two websites exchanging links doesn’t tell Google or any other search engine how relevant these websites are. Still, there are some benefits of …

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