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The SEO Implications of Google Acquiring FeedBurner

Recently Google Acquired FeedBurner – the RSS feed management tool preferred by many bloggers and other online content publishers. With Google being a search engine company and FeedBurner having RSS subscriptions analytical data of almost a million of feed, what’s …

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The importance of anchor text

The anchor text is the text that appears within the linking tag, that is, in <a href=””>SEO and Web Design Blog</a>, “SEO and Web Design” is the anchor text of the link. The anchor text is very important because it …

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Importance of submitting to Web Directories

The fundamental difference between a search engine and a web directory is that a search engine spiders the Internet to look for new web pages and then indexes the web links according the relevance it attaches to those links. In …

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The Importance of Foundation Inbound Links

This week I have a series of three posts for you, with the theme “The importance of…”:

Today – The Importance of Foundation Inbound Links

Wednesday – The importance of anchor text

Friday – Importance of submitting to Web Directories…

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How to get your website indexed

The question of how well you rank on various search engines only comes into the picture once your website is indexed by the search engines. For that the search engine crawlers somehow have to crawl your website and to crawl …

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Do Meta Tags Help SEO?

There was a time when the meta tags used to rule the roost of search engine placement. Put some keywords in the keywords meta tag, put a nice description in the description tag, and a nice title in the title …

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