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Making the most of link purchases – SEO

Purchasing links (this actually means paying the other webmasters to put your link on their popular web pages) is an integral part of Internet marketing these days. I’m not going to go into the right and wrong of this exercise, …

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The Future Of SEO

Search engine optimisation has gradually emerged out of the shadow of keyword-spammers and “tweakers” and evolved into a highly specialised field. I think the future of SEO is quite bright with more and more online businesses depending on traffic from …

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Five Link Development Experts: A Group Interview

Anybody remotely interested in link development and linking strategies should take a look at this post “Five Link Development Experts: A Group Interview” by Rae Hoffman.

Rae and four other link strategy experts Eric Ward, Rand Fishkin

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Why Clean Markup Matters to Your SEO

Given the easy availability of 100s of web designing tools, every kid at the corner can stop vandalising the neighbour’s wall for a while, go home, “design” a website and upload it in a matter of a few minutes, and …

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How To Increase Your Website Stickiness

The longer people stay on your website browsing different pages, the greater is the chance that they’ll do business with you. On an average people on the Internet leave a website within the first minute of reaching it. Unless there …

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Use Headlines to Boost Your SEO

The search engines love headlines — those wise nuggets of text you enclose within the <h1>, <h2> tags. No, it’s not some fetish about large texts, it’s just that the headlines are supposed to make the text on your web …

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