SEO Basics

Since there is no thing as a certified SEO course as yet, most of the SEO experts have learned their SEO tricks by pouring over tons of SEO literature available on the Internet and by their own trial and error methods.

Before inviting guests, get your Home Page right

Many mistakes can be avoided when designing your website but it takes more than a good eye to know what they are and how you can ensure that your Search Engine Optimisation is fully effective.
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ALT Tags – Every picture should tell a story

It is surprising, but there is one glaring search engine optimisation omission many website creators make, whilst they pursue link building and affiliate marketing, and that is the labelling of all images with SEO descriptive copy.
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The SEO Christmas Alphabet: C for Content

This topic has been discussed way too many times by way too many people yet it is a bit discouraging how many website owners still do not really care to give emphasis on the development of their website’s actual content. …

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Hacked site? Stop worrying and start working.

If you are worried about the consequences of having your site hacked here are some useful info that should put your mind at ease, knowing that you know what to do in case it happens.

Google will delete you from…
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Image Rank Factors

While most are conscious about ranking well in SERPs many overlook the need to optimise for image search. Image search should NOT be overlooked since it can bring in considerable amount of traffic. As an example, in my personal blog …

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Rank Checker Review and a Short Lesson on URLs and Domains

Been trying out Aaron Wall’s new Firefox extension, Rank Checker, and it works really well. If you want to have no problems making it work though let me remind you of the difference between a URL and a domain.…

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