SEO Basics

Since there is no thing as a certified SEO course as yet, most of the SEO experts have learned their SEO tricks by pouring over tons of SEO literature available on the Internet and by their own trial and error methods.

Why Ask(.com) the Difference?

Why should you ask about the difference between search engine algorithms? As I have mentioned in previous posts, though Google is the big daddy of search, it is important to know the difference between the algorithms used by different search …

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Over Optimised: Is There Such a Thing?

Some SEO folks, when talking about keyword stuffing, pertain to the page as being over optimised. But is there really such a thing as over optimisation? I was mulling this over and realised that the term is contradictory. After all …

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Options for Removing URL from Google

I don’t know how I missed Matt Cutts’ video on Webmaster Central Blog on removing your content from Google. Anyway it’s not too late to give a summary of the talk especially since it is very useful.

There are …

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How To Tackle The Duplicate Content Problem

Google and other search engines can penalise you for having duplicate content on your website. This may be intentional or unintentional on your part. If it is intentional then either you have your reasons or you can get rid of …

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Search Engine Optimising your website

How to search engine optimise your website has become a perennial question. You can find hundreds of ways to optimise your website for search engines but these ways are so many, and so intricate, that one often feels lost. In …

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Do Meta Tags Help SEO?

There was a time when the meta tags used to rule the roost of search engine placement. Put some keywords in the keywords meta tag, put a nice description in the description tag, and a nice title in the title …

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