Link Strategies

Spam Scare: What to Do

What would you do if you suddenly get a massive amount of inbound links and find out its all spam?

If you know anything about SEO you know that we all loooove inbound links however we don’t want a whole …

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The Domain Age Factor in Links

We all know that the age of a domain affects search ranking. Because of this many websites have resorted in buying old domain names in order to benefit from the aging. This is not a bad thing at all especially …

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Link Love: Why I Love Giving It Away

Since we’ve been on the topic of gifts and freebies let’s talk about giving away links. One of the things we all love to get are inbound links but do you pass the link love?

Linking to other sites is …

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.EDU and .GOV Links

.EDU and .GOV links are usually prizes in the SEO world because they pass on very good link juice. Here are a few ideas on how to get these types of links.

Advertise or be a sponsor – Look for…
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More (Useful) Content for More Links

We all know that one of the main reasons why websites add blogs to their site is to be able to provide fresh content and thus hopefully get more traffic and links. If you do not have the time to …

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Link Exchange Guidelines

I have already stated my position on buying/selling links but realised that I didn’t mention anything about exchanging links. In my opinion exchanging links with another website is a sound strategy but only if you follow the guidelines listed below.…

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