Link Strategies

Interlinking and SEO

Interlinking is very crucial to your SEO strategy. It means how you link to your inner pages, the web pages residing under your domain. These links could include:

Your navigation text links Your breadcrumb links Subject area links Individual page…
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Is Buying Links for SEO a Good Idea?

Buying links for SEO or PR is not a good idea, but buying them for quality traffic is.

Google uses inbound links to rank websites. When they decided to use the inbound links as a factor in their ranking algorithm …

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Importance of submitting to Web Directories

The fundamental difference between a search engine and a web directory is that a search engine spiders the Internet to look for new web pages and then indexes the web links according the relevance it attaches to those links. In …

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The Importance of Foundation Inbound Links

This week I have a series of three posts for you, with the theme “The importance of…”:

Today – The Importance of Foundation Inbound Links

Wednesday – The importance of anchor text

Friday – Importance of submitting to Web Directories…

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Top 10 SEO Mistakes

Every search engine optimisation (SEO) campaign is a double-edged sword. It's like traveling in space: one wrong calculation here and one there and you can end up billions of light-years away from your destination. In this post I'm going to suggest 10 SEO mistakes that you should definitely avoid. There are 100s of things that can go wrong, but these top 10 SEO mistakes can cause you the most harm. Here they are:
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SEO: Link Love

Wendy Piersall from eMoms at Home has written an excellent article listing some of the best posts ever written that are all dedicated to the fine art of Link Love.

I have placed a link to it here in the …

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