Link Strategies

Making the most of link purchases – SEO

Purchasing links (this actually means paying the other webmasters to put your link on their popular web pages) is an integral part of Internet marketing these days. I’m not going to go into the right and wrong of this exercise, …

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Five Link Development Experts: A Group Interview

Anybody remotely interested in link development and linking strategies should take a look at this post “Five Link Development Experts: A Group Interview” by Rae Hoffman.

Rae and four other link strategy experts Eric Ward, Rand Fishkin

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Creating Content For Linkbaiting

Some people like linkbaiting and some don’t, but one way or the other, it figures everywhere and there are companies that specially provide you linkbaiting services.The rumor is, sometimes even a single linkbaiting campaign costs $5000 to $10000. Got your …

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Internal linking strategy

Internal linking

Many sites I come across use a ball internal linking structure which leads to each page getting an even share of internal PR:

When conducting SEO for sites that have multiple main areas of business, I try and …

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