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Factoring the Negatives in Your SEO Equation

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We all know how important it is to do the right things to help boost your page rank in search engine results pages. However, knowing the factors that can positively affect your page rank is only half the battle. You …

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Google News Rank Boosters

Last time I gave some tips on how to rank better in Google News. Today I’ll be giving some more tips that are still straight from Google Developer Programs Tech Lead, Maile Ohye.

According to Ms Ohye some of …

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Ranking in Google News

If you are aiming to rank in Google News but doing exactly the same thing you do in your ordinary websites then you are likely wasting your effort in link building. The reason for this is that for Google News …

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Accessibility in China

One of the major issues tackled by SEO is accessibility. We want to make sure that a website  that’s being optimised is accessible not just by search engine spiders but also by users regardless of their connection speed, browser used, …

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Email Marketing Tips: How Not to be Mistaken as Spam

The last post I wrote on email marketing emphasised the need to not only get your email noticed but also to get people to act on the information (read: get conversion rates up) they get from the email sent. What …

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Spam Site: Guide for the Falsely Accused

A problem that we have touched on several times is the issue of being perceived by search engines as spammy. The good news though is that according to the top three search engines (Yahoo, MSN, and Google) the chance of …

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