SEO Maintenance is a Slow, Ongoing Process

by Gary on April 30, 2007 · 6 comments

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SEO (search engine optimisation) is not a function. SEO is a process. This SEO process takes shape over a long period of time. It takes its due time to evolve and start showing some results. For genuine, long-term SEO benefits, there are no short cuts. And there is a reason behind it.

The search engines appreciate the effort you put into building your content. They not only want to present the latest (and relevant, of course) content to their users, they also want to present content that is constantly updated/upgraded. If you were a searcher looking for information on say, Google, would you prefer a page that was created 6 months ago or a page that was created last week?

The following steps, in big or small ways, affect your SEO campaign:

  • Highly relevant content, strategically written
  • Lots of highly relevant content
  • Quality inbound links
  • One-to-one networking
  • Fully optimised source code
  • Intuitive, obstruction-less interlinking
  • Constant analysis of your search engine positioning

Among these, creating a website with efficient coding practices might not take too much time. But creating content, creating enough buzz to get inbound links and networking takes up lots of time. The website may take over 5-6 weeks to just start appearing at some 200th odd place. It depends on how well you’ve optimised and what’s the degree of competition you face for the selected keywords.

Another factor that takes up lots of time is the chance that you may update intermittently. Such changes are bound to take place as you constantly improve your web pages and your content. Once you make changes, they take a long time to get reflected on the search engine results pages.

SEO may seem like a tedious process in the beginning, but once you cross the threshold and see the result for yourself, the experience is a very rewarding.

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