SEO Sabotage

by Gary on January 9, 2008 · 8 comments

in SEO

I have read that it may be possible to sabotage a competitor site by creating numerous links from clearly spam sites to competitor sites. I have never seen evidence of this until today.
I was picking over the latest stats for one of my clients when I noticed that the top referrals from external sites all looked like this:

There are probably 20-30 such sites linking and all with the same spam content.
Clearly someone is trying to sabotage my clients traffic/business, but to date we have not seen any reduction in SERP positions or traffic, so hopefully Google et al will see through this ploy.

Also whilst looking through the referrer sites I came across a link from keywordspy in this format:

So I guess that not only are they going to try spam tactics they might also try and legitimately target my keywords. If so, interesting times ahead.

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