Social Media and Politics Mix Up

by Gary on June 10, 2008 · 4 comments

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Though I do try to stay away from any political overtones in this blog I do believe that Dan’s post on Barack Obama Social Media Round-Up deserves being mentioned. Now I wouldn’t even comment on on my position, though I have to admit that it is pretty exciting to watch US politics these days, but would like to delve a little deeper on the social media aspect of the post.

If you read Dan’s post, and I encourage you to read his post since it is interesting and well-written (besides it would help you understand my post better), what you’ll learn is that:

  1. Social media has become so ubiquitous that the political world has given it a nod
  2. Social media is powerful enough to help win an election
  3. Social media alone is not enough to win an election – This is derived from Dan’s statement that Obama won not because of social media but because the message he’s offering is something “more Useful, Desirable, Open and Shareable than Clinton’s.”

Now if we substitute the phrase “online marketing campaign” for “election” the lessons learned can be adapted for our clients (and ourselves). Translated to SEO/SEM terms what you’ll get is:

  1. Social media should be incorporated into SEO/SEM strategies
  2. The power of social media should be explained to clients so that they will understand the need to invest in it…It could help boost their online campaign more than any “traditional” online marketing methods!
  3. Even with a great marketing campaign incorporating all the winning strategies the business can end up a flop if there is no substance to the products/services being offered on the website.

So what do we learn? As Dan put it – KUDOS. To get your social media marketing/viral marketing strategy to work the Knowledge [in our case that would be product/service/information] you offer is Useful, Desirable, Open and Shareable. And remember that goes for the entire SEO strategy. Otherwise your SEO efforts will just be wasted.

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