Social Media: The Key to Surviving the Evolving SEO World

by Gary on December 16, 2011 · 6 comments

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Google’s bias for their own services has many people rethinking their SEO strategies. It even begs the question of whether SEO is still worth the effort.

Despite the seemingly disheartening future of SEO, I share the opinion of many who believe that SEO’s demise is nowhere near the future. What is happening is that we are seeing SEO as it evolves right before our eyes. Indeed, some so-called SEOs will probably flounder and fail, but it is only because they cannot adapt.

So how do you adapt in this changing SEO climate?

Well it seems that the biggest areas that many SEOs should work on is the social media aspect. We know how big social media has become, but it’s nowhere near reached the threshold. In fact, its effects on the online community will only increase, including its effects on search. It is plain to see that search is becoming more social, and not only because search engines like Google are pushing for it. Contrary to that, it is actually Google that’s having to adapt to make the most of people’s increasing preference and dependence on the online social circles.

Lately, I have written more about social media and the different ways you can incorporate them to your overall SEO strategies. I suggest that start reading more about the topic, that is if you want to be one of those that want to survive the changing SEO landscape. Forget the line between SEO and social media marketing, and make sure you learn how to integrate the two approaches for a more effective SEO campaign.

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