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Tips for Creating Readership from the Geek Chick

One of my favorite bloggers, Sacha Chua, who has several hundred subscribers reading her personal blog regularly has this tips to offer if you want to grow you online network. The cool thing about the tips (which I’ll be …

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How’s Your Reputation?

That is a question each SEO should ask. In this industry, just like in any other industry, your repuation is very important if you want to attract customers. I also believe that it is even more important in SEO and …

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SEO Over Coffee

What I have noticed about SEO bloggers and speakers (which are usually the same bunch of people, although only the best of the SEO bloggers are invited as speakers) is that while their posts and talks are really informative and …

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The power of Stumbleupon

Late last week I noticed an increase in website traffic, instead of averaging 600 for a couple of days unique visitors were hitting high 800′s.

Curious as to what had caused this jump, I investigated further. was passing me …

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What is social bookmarking and how can it be used for SEO?

Social bookmarking websites allow you to save your favorite links and if you want to, share those links with the other users of the social bookmarking websites. Users can organise hundreds of links under various tags: you can assign tags …

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Social Media Optimisation

Kevin over at has written an Ultimate Social Media Optimisation (SMO) List that is a great resource for anyone that is keen to improve their understanding of SMO.

Thanks Kevin.…

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