Staying on Top of the Bing Buzz: Readings and Thoughts

by Gary on June 9, 2009 · 8 comments

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Bing has arrived and the net is buzzing with reviews and comparisons to Google and even MSN’s old live search. With all the comparisons with regards to search results and what you can and cannot to do with Bing that you can do with Google and vice versa I though that it would be better to simply compile a short list of posts that I found to be informative. Later on I will just add my thoughts on Bing and its effect on SEO.

As SEOs we do have to pay attention with what’s happening on Bing, especially since it has beat Yahoo last week managing to get the coveted #2 search engine spot. Granted that its market share of 16.28 % is still a far cry from Google you have to admit that there’s a new search engine, or decision engine as Microsoft likes to call it, to be reckoned with. The sad thing for Yahoo though is that Bing seems to have made not much of a dent on Google and is instead wooing away Yahoo’s users with their search share dropping from 18% to just 10.22%. So there Google is still safe and Yahoo has an additional problem in their hands.

For us SEOs what this means is that we need to start figuring out what Bing gives more weight when in comes to ranking pages. All you need to do is try out a few search terms and you’ll see the difference in what Google and Bing serves up. Great news for those who haven’t been ranking as well with Google but very irritating for those that has been ranking pretty well I Google and is now relegated to several pages deep in the in Bing’s SERPs (Yes. I’m talking about us. We’re #3 for the search term seo blog in Google today by the way. ^_^). So far what I can say is that we can be sure that the usual factors we need to consider when doing SEO still holds true for Bing but the question remains: Which of those factors does Bing deem to be most important? Right now your guess is just about as good as mine.

Stay tuned though because you can be sure we’ll be paying close attention to SEO trends in Bing.

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