The Importance of Relevance

by Gary on February 6, 2009 · 6 comments

in Organic SEO

On my last post i gave some tips on how to increase search engines’ perception of your web pages as being relevant to your targeted keywords and phrases. Before I continue let me thank Marc for pointing out two important tips I overlooked: getting inbound links from relevant pages and also using relevant tagged images.

On this post, though I will still be discussing relevance you won’t get any more tips (except for the ones above) on how to increase your page relevance. Instead, I will be delving on another aspect of relevance, which is the that of your site’s content to the lives of your visitors.

Although SEO is primarily done to help boost rankings in SERPs and we can practice it by merely trying to (intelligently?) guess the search engines algorithms, this shortsighted approach to SEO is one of the reasons why many do not see that much effect with their SEO campaign. It is ALWAYS important to factor in every possible aspect that you practically can when it comes to your SEO strategy, and that includes the daily happenings in search engine users’ lives. That may sound a little crazy since it is impossible to know everything that goes on with one persons life let alone all your target audience, the majority of whom you don’t even know personally. Well it is if you look at it that way but if you only look at it in terms of the general events that you know will be impacting or are currently affecting them then it makes more sense.

A perfect example would be a future post on SEO and savings (watch out for my next post ^_^). With all the troubled economy nowadays you can be pretty sure that lots of people are trying to find ways to cut on spending. It shouldn’t be a surprise to find more people now searching more for “cheap SEO”, “budget SEO”, “affordable quality SEO”, etc. Take advantage of this fact and offer solutions (promos for SEOs and informative posts for SEO blogs).

Another simple example would be industry events. Of course people within your industry will already know about upcoming events but it is still a good idea to mention big events, even if just in passing. It will not only show that you are aware of what’s going on but visitors who might have overlooked it or forgot about it will be happy to be informed. Doing a blow-by-blow of the event is also recommended but only if you really attended it and there’s new and interesting information to convey. Otherwise stick to summarising stuff and don’t forget to link to your sources.

Remember it is very important to stay relevant. Your page may rank really well for your targeted keywords but if people have started searching for other keywords then you’ll still end up with no one visiting your site.

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