The Real Worth of “Low-Budget SEO Providers”

by Gary on March 7, 2009 · 5 comments

in SEO Mistakes,SEO Services

Going for a really cheap SEO provider? Think again.

I understand that the economy is really bad right now and everyone’s trying to cut corners but when it comes to SEO going cheap is NOT a good idea. That doesn’t mean that you should go ahead and hire the most popular and/or expensive SEO provider out there, instead what you should do is spend time finding the best value SEO provider.

Like anything you buy in the supermarket getting something dirt cheap usually means that either the product is about to expire or it really sucks and no one else buys it. Getting something dirt cheap on the streets, on the other hand, usually means that it’s either stolen or smuggled. Either way, it spells trouble. And the same thing goes for SEO.

Sure there might be some SEO providers out there that do give their services for a low low price but they are rare (I actually haven’t really encountered one but anything is possible right?). So what can you expect from low budget SEO? Simple low quality results or worse getting ripped off. They might just disappear after you pay. On the other hand if you do get results chances are they are helping you rank using questionable (aka black hat) methods, something you definitely don’t want associated with your site or business. Just remember if the SEO company is any good they will not be giving away their services for free (except to charity maybe).

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