The SEO Christmas Alphabet: C for Content

by Gary on December 15, 2008 · 8 comments

in Copywriting,SEO,SEO Basics

This topic has been discussed way too many times by way too many people yet it is a bit discouraging how many website owners still do not really care to give emphasis on the development of their website’s actual content. For the most part I believe that it is because many wish to get as much money out of their sites while spending as little money and effort as they can. I guess this is true for many things, not just websites. If you look at the truly successful websites though you’ll see that the success really hinged on the content. SEO as I’ved said time and time again can only get you so far. It will help bring in traffic but it won’t guarantee success. So next time you take a look at your site or a client’s site be honest in your assessment of the content. Remember the website doesn’t need to have an astoundingly novel content but it does need to offer something of real value that will make it worth to visitors to not just visit once but to keep on returning.

As for the SEO aspect when it comes to content be sure to:

  • use keywords as often as possible – Things to remember in placing keywords in your content would be: the importance of keyword selection, keyword density (don’t make it spammy!), and the placement of keywords.
  • make it readable/viewable not only by humans but also by the search engine spiders.
  • also take into account content other than text (images & multimedia content).
  • hire an SEO copywriter to check if your content needs any editing or rewriting.

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