Website Design

HTML 5 Working Draft Now Out for Public Review

The long wait is finally over. After 10 years of working hard on HTML 5 the W3C group has at last published the working draft online. According to W3C, “The publication of the First Public Working Draft is a signal …

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Web Design Industry in Decline?

For at least the last five years the UK web design industry has been buoyant, but are there signs of an imminent decline, or has it already started?

I have an involvement it two small independent web design agencies, so …

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An Introduction To Prototype

Creating Ajax applications is all the rage these days but I wouldn’t recommend putting Ajax functionalities into your online applications unnecessarily because sometimes it can hamper the overall functionality of your online application or website. Nonetheless, Ajax can really enhance …

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Developing multi-language websites

We are researching the best way to implement a multi-language website, that would include at least English, French, Italian and Chinese.

Any “Phoenixrealmers” have experience of mult-lingual sites and able to point us in the right direction?

Thanks, Gary.…

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The problem of free pitching and how to overcome it

Do you often find yourself working for free in an effort to obtain more prestigious assignments?

Many web designers work for free to build up their portfolios or and to try and secure new clients. This form of doing work …

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What makes an annoying website?

What makes an annoying website? I ask this question because I think very few people intentionally design or developed annoying websites. We end up having an annoying website sometimes when we just think about our preferences instead of thinking about …

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